21 November 2012

Beat The Winter Blues:: Advice Appreciated!

Ok, guys, I'm publicly admitting (kind of a big deal) that I tend to get a little emo (read: blue) during the winter.


In order to prevent as much of this as possible and/or to be better able to handle it, what are some tips that you have? Secrets for feeling sunshiney and creating a positive physical/emotional environment, even when it is cold and gray and lonely?  I'd love to hear your advice!


I really love the idea of Spring in Box (via here/here).  Let me know if you are feeling the winter blues, and I will send a little sunshine your way :) Honestly!!!!


Sending sunshine everyone's way!



Jourdan said...

Christmas music!

Beth said...

I'm with you. Hot cocoa on a daily basis. With cinnamon. Wool scarves. Bright colors. Snugs. When I get insanely cold I say really melodramatic things to myself in my head until I laugh.

Utah Girl Am I said...

Run. Or do some sort of exercise for longer than 20 min. (After 20 min, the body starts producing its own endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands. :D) Giving service helps, too. Also, call me, visit me, chat with me... You get the idea. ;)

Ria said...

Go tanning. Maybe it's not super healthy, but a few times won't kill you and the UV rays REALLY help moods! (It's science).