05 November 2012

Boston Sneak Peak

Boston was simply marvelous.  I got to see many dear friends and spend time with family.  I love that even though I live in D.C. and went to high school in PA, I can still call Boston home! I just love it there.  And I came back feeling really centered #hippiespeak #butreally

I have some photos to edit from my camera, but in the meantime, here are some photos that I posted on the 'Gram (yes, Parker, "The 'Gram" #hipsterspeak)

Strawberry lobster puff, oh my!
Paigey faced her fear of heights to climb the tower to get this lovely view of Boston :)
Look who I ran into at Quincy Market!
View of Boston from the tower at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Beautiful!
Longfellow's grave

Hope you all had marvelous week-ends!


Beth said...

Looking goooooood, Camille!

ellen said...

Lucky me; I live in Boston!

Camille said...

Lucky lady, Ellen!

parkermoffat said...

This was a really fun weekend!