06 November 2012


I really want to make a comment on how this post is about Boston, which is in the state of Massachusetts, and how one of the Presidential candidates used to be the Governor of that state, but I don't want to make this all political (I get too much of that living in D.C...Can't wait for those radio commercials to be over!!)

I've said it before, I've been saying it to all of my friends since I got back laaate Sunday night, and I'll say it again here: Boston this weekend was exactly what I needed.  Holy cow, I love it there.

My other post included my Instagram photos.  Here are the real photos I got before my camera batteries died.

Old City Hall
Basically, I'm Atlas.
#HurricaneSandyinBoston (makes me think of this)
Ducklings and sisters
//Jourdan, this is the duckface picture I was telling you about//

Cool Headstones
Paul Revere
Mother Goose
This is Mother Goose's grave.  This is also Paige acting like a goose.

Mac and Cheese Quincy Market

SO MUCH LOVE FOR NATALIE AND JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY THAT I GOT TO SEE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been way too long!!!! Natalie is just one of those people that you can talk to and tell everything to and not worry about being judged, especially because sometimes you just need to say something outloud for you to realise how utterly ridiculous it is to be thinking such thing and she is just fabulous!!!!!!!!! And Jason is so funny and smart and considerate and kind and let's me just talk and talk and talk about nonsense really.

"Quick, take my picture with Will and Kate!"--Paige.  Fabulous Mario Testino exhibits!! Check them out if you are in the Boston area.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Mt. Auburn Cemetery

There were so many other friends that I saw, I really wish my camera weren't blinking low battery at me the whole time.  Until next time! 


Jen said...

Ahhh....I totally want to go to Boston! And to D.C. to see you....perhaps if we go to Cambridge we'll go early and stop in D.C. :D

Camille said...


Jourdan said...

You went to Mount Auburn! I was there on Friday! Gahhh! Missed each other by 24-48 hours.

Natalie said...

Thanks Camille! You are the best and always brighten my day! It was SOOOO good to see you, these pictures just make me so happy. It's decided, you need to move here ;)

parkermoffat said...

So good having you up here!