16 November 2012

I Saw Skyfall Last Night

And we all know how much of a sucker I am for a man who is also impeccably dressed.

But can we also talk about how this scene made James Bond/Daniel Craig that much hotter?

And about my crush on Q. I have serious love for nerd chic.  Those glasses! That coif!!

I am seriously swooning!!

Also, Tom Ford, thank you. You know why.

clip via /here/


Ali W. said...

Just came across your blog. You are so funny! hahaha okay...so it is terrible I have never seen this?!!

Beth said...

I love the nerd chic. Love. But I also love Tom Ford bad-A chic. It's a toss up. So glad we saw this! You know I'm excited when I dump $5 worth of popcorn on the floor.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh i wanna see this movie! I heard it was awesome!