15 November 2012


Anybody else get migraines and headaches all the time?

Any secrets for how to get rid of one fast? Because I have plans tonight that I do not want to miss.


Jannifer said...

Camille, I have been having the same problem lately. I went to the chiropractor on Monday and it has seemed to help. Also, Excedrin Migraine is the only thing that works for me. Good Luck!

ynny said...

Is it a migraine or a tension headache? I get tension headaches all the time, and I know when I do, the rest of my day is screwed. I did learn a preventative secret from my physical therapist, though- Part of my problem is I just my chin too far out and up when I'm thinking, reading, eating, driving... pretty much anything. She taught me to pull my chin in like I'm trying to give myself a double chin, and slide my shoulder blades down and back, and I've had MUCH less headaches since. Seriously, you realize once you pull your chin in and your head and shoulders back that you just gave your neck almost two inches more length!

And, when all else fails, Excedrin is my go to. Hope you kicked it by now.