01 November 2012

Wolf Gang Concert

Remember that time I went to Coldplay?

And there was that awesome band, Wolf Gang, that opened for them?

Well, add this one to the memory box: on Saturday, Paige and I went to a concert they were headlining!!

The show was at 9:30 Club's U Street Hall, which was great because we were able to get about 3 rows back from the stage and witness all the awesomeness up close!  Paige still had the boot on her foot from her broken ankle, but didn't let that deter her from dancing ("She's a maniac, maniaaac!")

Wolf Gang concert. Awesome show! We were only about 3 rows back.

Dreamy British successful artist? Why yes that is my type. (Front man of Wolf Gang)
We got a picture with the frontman, Max.  I originally thought, "I wish he were smiling!" but then thought, "Heck, if I had that bone structure, I would do whatever I could to accentuate that in pictures."

wolf gang
This picture is funny because as we were waiting in line to go in, some guy in costume bikes by on U Street, shouts, "CANDY!!!!" and threw a handful of candy at us! Paige got bonked in the head, but really, who among us wouldn't love to be bonked in the head with chocolate?

Such a great night!!!


Jourdan said...

Cycling would be more fun if regular candy-throwing were involved.

Beth said...

Looks like FUN!

smile like you mean it said...

I completely agree Jourdan. And it was like a pack of costumed cyclists!