05 December 2012

50's Birthday Party (Also The One Where I Reread Some Italy Posts)

Guys, these are the only 3 photos I have!!!  And none of them have the Birthday Girl in them!! #fail

I tried, though!!! I stood next to Yandary, and gave someone my camera...which promptly decided to not take a picture!!! No reason. I need a new cameraaaaaaa.

Also, I was distracted filming a "casual video" (AKA what I had to say whenever someone saw the camera and behaved unnaturally...like even more unnaturally than any flirting that was just occurring and they were afraid that the camera would catch).  Because my camera worked just fine (minus the quality) for that.


Rosie 50s
Rosie's dress is vintage.  From Florence.  As in Italy. Yes, this Italy.

Table 50s
Frost yourselves some cupcakes.

Kelli 50s
Kelli is super, I like her lots.



Kel said...

I just love you Camillionaire :)

Utah Girl Am I said...

What?? No! We totally DID take a picture!! Where is it?? You've done better than I have, though. Too... busy... to post.... EEEEHHH! #EndoftheSemester

Camille said...

Kel, I just love you, too!!

Yandary, I think Janan took it on her camera? But you're right, a photo is floating around somewhere!

Jourdan said...

Frost yourself! Ha ha!