17 December 2012

Christmas Time In NYC

Or, Gramnifander takes NYC.
(GRace+cAMille+jenNIFer+alexANDER...just give me this, folks, the bus ride is 4 hours, Jennifer and I had to do something, may as well make an awful celebrity moniker for the weekenders)

There's a Bernini exhibit at the Met right now, and we all know how much I loooove Bernini (but who couldn't??), and I have a few friends living in New York right now, so I just had to go.  I had to. There was no choice!  We also saw a cool exhibit on Pre-Photoshop Photographic Manipulation, and basically I found next year's Halloween costume.


We found stairs made of candy (!!!!!!!!!!!^infinity)!!

Dylan's Candy Bar Steps

We tried out some amazing perfume at Bloomingdale's.

We ate a ton of positively scrumptious Japanese food at an incredible price. Our first appetizer? Macarons of course!

French Japanese Fusion

I climbed a window at church and made a new friend at the same time.  #ThingsINeverExpectedToSay

Manhatten Ward

I took Polaroids!

NYC Polaroid

And we spent a ton of time on the Subway (sooo hard to not call it the Metro #DCProblems). Also, I might be able to get to 86th Street with my eyes closed now. #MuseumMileIsBetterThanTheRoyalMile


And then I came home to the best Christmas cards (which included personlized hand-written notes!!) from Lisa and Jen&Derek

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Jen said...

Aw, I'm so glad you liked it! And I'm glad it arrived safely. :) We sure miss you, Madam Camille. MERRY CHRISTMAS!