21 December 2012

Current Likes

I've been feeling a wee bit grumpy lately. 
(a combination of the freezing windy rain, extreme fatigue, a messy bedroom, needing to do laundry/go to the cleaners, and being annoyed by nearly all of the boys)

This seems like the perfect time to compile a list of things that I like and make me happy.

I went to the ballet with Jennifer.  We saw the Nutcracker and it was amazing!! I haven't seen the Moscow Ballet in 10 years, and man are they just as good as I remembered.  Also, if I were a ballerina, forget wanting to be the Sugar Plum Fairy (although I would want her tutu....), I would want to dance the Arabian Variation!!

This tea.  I discovered the brand thanks to Jourdan's sweet roommate when I was sick in Boston.  I'm loving it!

The way this candle smellllls.  (Amazing, in case you didn't get that)

The latest song by Roo Panes for Burberry Acoustic.  He can do no vocal wrong.

That I get to spend holiday time with family and friends.

Top half of the National Christmas Tree #WhyDoeaInstaHaveToCropAllMyPhotos

I feel better already!


Beth said...

WHAT? I had no idea you've been wearing your cranky pants. You seemed so congenial on our Monday night outing! Which btw was so thoroughly enjoyable. I miss you already. Enjoy PA.

Jennifer said...

So, I almost wrote something about how I JUST discovered Traditional Medicinals, TOO! Ummm, I need more sleep or somethihg...

Also, I agree with Beth, you have been SO happy lately! I haven't noticed the cranky at all.