11 December 2012

Good Things

I'm still sick, and all I want is snugs and endless herbal tea.

Anyways, here are some good things about my life of late in no real order:

Christmas in the West End!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in D.C.!

Starbucks dates with Nif!

Starbucks dates with @__nif__ are one of my favourite things

Ethiopian food and talking about this book with Lindsey!


Hedgehog and owl candles for Sandy!!

Owl and hedgehog candles. Sandy, do your worst.


NEW BEST THING EVER!!! #traderjoes

Making lentil curry with Nif (and sort of with James)!

We made lentil curry!! Well, @__nif__  did the making, I did the serenading. Spices courtesy of the one and only @jamesremains ... Yes James, you just bought the both of us dinner from across the country. Champ.

Cozy nights of hot chocolate, Gingersnapish Tea (it's a thing!), and Joe-Joe's!

Joe Joe's

Listening to Jenny Oaks Baker perform...and a surprise bagpiper!

VC concert

A return on my tithing!


Kiersta and I twin a lot (check out those tights)!


You know, just some monks. Shopping at the Apple store!


Shopping for handlipstick!


D.C. swimsuit models!


Yeah, I might be sick, but there's lots that's good!

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Jen said...

hope you feel better!!