10 December 2012

I Went To Boston This Weekend

And I was sick the entire time.  I even caught an earlier flight home, cutting my trip down to about 30 brief hours (why do I always get sick when I have just a few hours to see friends?).  So I didn't do much, but I did see friends (yay!) and eat a most divine hamburger.

While I didn't take very many pictures (read: about 3), I did make good use of the Meanderthal App, and that's all you really need for a good time.

Meantherthal- Parker and Dave

And here I am with the infamous Calvin:


And I somehow didn't get pictures with any of my other friends? (Because honestly, who wants pictures of themselves when they are basically dying??) Love yaaaaa, peeps!!


parkermoffat said...

The resemblance between my normal picture and my "Meanderthal" picture is unsettling.

Jourdan said...

Annnnnd now you know why I refused to let you make a meanderthal of me.

Camille said...

But Jourdan, there were totally girl options, too!!