04 December 2012

I Went To A Christmas Party On Saturday With A Bunch Of Single People

And all I got were these pictures of me and Stephanie and Jennifer.
IAWL Steph
IAWL Camnif 2
IAWL Montrose
IAWL Amies
IAWL Camnif

Oh, and this one of me with Whitney, Liz, and Brynn!
Christmas party with @dc2nd ! Everyone was semi-formal but completely fabulous!

But the drinks were awesome!! And so was the entertainment!! Trust me!!

Remember last year's party? Haaaaa. Ha ha haaaaaaaaa.


Jannifer said...

Just so you know, I love that dress on you. You're so pretty!

Jourdan said...

I ALSO love that dress on you.

Kel said...


Kati said...

So glad you enjoyed yourself at the party! Both this year and last year. :)

Liz said...

We look so great!