28 December 2012

Take My Dream?

I just searched high and low to find a post on my blog about a dream I had summer of 2010.  Evidently I didn't write about it here, but luckily I've talked about it enough that I can remember it.

When I was in Rome with Hwanhi and Katja, we stayed up one night in our tent playing MASH. We played several rounds in hopes that fate would pair me with my secret Cambridge crush (cringing just thinking about that...).  I did, however, get MASH married to our beloved and eccentric library-stair-hopping friend James.  
So naturally, that night I had a dream that James and I were married (trust me, this is just as weird for me to write as it is for you to read).  All that happened in the dream was that I was asleep in bed, and James just stood there... taking pictures of me... all creepy like...

I KNOW!! Sooooo weird!!! But it's HYSTERICAL!! I remember that the next morning I recounted this dream to some friends at lunch in the Great Hall, and my professor/family friend who, among other things, studies dreams was sitting a few seats down, doing a poor job of pretending not to listen.  

Why do I bring this up 2.5 years later? (2.5 years!!!! eeeek!!!)

BECAUSE last night, I had a dream that one of my male friends came up to me with a roll of film he had developed from a disposable camera...and the pictures were all of me (and I'd had no idea that they were being taken)!!!! Some of them were full body shots, but they were mostly of my knees.  MY KNEES????  I didn't really know what to make of it, and I don't know how I reacted because I started waking up right about that time.

But what does it mean when I have dreams about my friends taking stalker pictures of me??

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Beth said...

I'm dying. Do you remember that before I moved to VA you swore we would have a chat about this? Please say that chat is coming soon. I still want to know.

And your knees are pretty hot.