31 January 2012

Madam Librarian

Outfits like today's make me realise why so many people tell me, "Camille, you dress like a librarian." 
4-up on 2012-01-31 at 17.31 #5
Photo on 2012-01-31 at 08.16 #2

Granted, that awkward pause you just felt is usually followed by, "But, you know, like, a sexy librarian."  Don't know about that, but the thought is nice.

30 January 2012

What Does It Say About Yourself...

...when most of the pictures on your cell phone are of food? Cell1

Sometimes It Gets Real Over Here

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I generally try to keep my blog pretty light-hearted and fun.  I tend to save my more serious/real/mature thoughts/ponderings/musings for conversations with people with whom I am close/my prayers/my journal.   However, sometimes I do carry it over to here.  

I have felt so close to the Spirit this weekend.  I'm grateful to have a father who is a willing and worthy holder of the Priesthood.  What an absolute blessing.  
Yesterday was ward conference, and man was it ever powerful.  We had an amazing lesson in Relief Society, and Sacrament meeting was on fire!  The speakers spoke such beautiful words, and my testimony was strengthened beyond measure.  The choir sang "Come Thou Fount", which may or may not have made me shed a few {good/happy} tears. 
I have also had some really unreal scripture study lately.  I am constantly reminded of how aware the Lord is of my needs through personal scripture study.
I spend much of my time contemplating and trying to understand many different things.  There is so much that I don't understand.   While that is often frustrating, I have learned to be grateful for it.  It is my weaknesses which bring me closer to the Lord.   
I don't have the eloquence to express just how I'm feeling.  If I were with someone in person, I would be left with having to resort to emphatically moving my hands in ever growing circles in the air as I make a face looking for words.  In fact, I may or may not be making that face right now.

Happy Monday :)

29 January 2012

Whirlwind Media Adven

On Thursday, I really felt like hanging out with my fam, but knew that my weekend was pretty full.  However, I decided to skip out on a few goings-on and spend Friday night and Saturday morning at home!  Jennifer came with me {especially grateful for that, since my radio didn't work for the whole drive up}, and we had a fun & relaxing time in Media.

Things we did:

We did not eat the GIANT pickle that Paige bought {well, that's a lie.  We did, but only with her permission.}

We did eat at the Country Deli, a local hotspot where everyone likes to breakfast.  Mmmmmm.
Country Deli
Country Deli Food

I did take Jennifer to my favourite place, Ridley Creek State Park.  Oh my heavens people, it is beautiful there.  I can't adequately express how much I love it there.
RCSP Gardens

We even carved our names in the moss! {hers is in cursive.  Oh, and the LOVE one was already there.}

All in all, it was a fantastique quick trip home!

27 January 2012

Jessica Durrant Illustration

I'm so excited about this post!

Last week, some prints I ordered from Jessica Durrant, an extremely talented artist who is garnering all sorts of attention world-wide, came in the mail!  I was literally shaking {ask my roommate Ciara} when I opened them, I was so excited!  This week, I got frames and hung them!  They are beautiful and I love them!!
Jessica Durrant
Jessica Durrant
 They're a little crooked in the second picture, but don't worry, I've taken care of that.

Also, I want to rescind any and all comments I have ever made about not needing math because I studied art history.  Yes, I measured and calculated spacings of artworks during my internship, but I never really had to hang anything like this, and it's been a while, so my math muscles were a little out of practice.  But I also secretly loved it.

26 January 2012

Norwegian Recycling

No Taylor, No Scar.  Fantastic mashup.

Free downloads available [HERE]

25 January 2012

So That My Other Siblings Don't Think I Hate Them Or Something

I've had lots of pictures of my little sister Paige lately.  So this is me PUBLICLY DECLARING/SHOWING that I love allllll of my sibs!  U RULE!!
Midnight Race
Lil P

Thanks for all being the beeesssstttt!!

24 January 2012

Caige Flashback

Love my sister.
Sorry for the grainy quality, peeps.

23 January 2012

Always Groovin'

I had a really good weekend.  Good conversation, quality time with roommates & friends, and I even gave a talk at church on Sunday about Art & the Gospel.  Normally I do really well in the spotlight, but because it's a subject that is so near and dear to me, I was really nervous {I was having nightmares a la Winter 2010, the semester I was working on my senior thesis}.  Like most people, it can be hard for me to open up/trust someone enough to talk about things of the heart one-on-one, so doing it in front of 200 intimidatingly impressive people was a big deal.  I worry that I didn't do it justice.  I do know that I felt guided as I pondered the topic and wrote the talk, so I hope that what I said had an impact on someone.
A great place to start contemplating about Art & the Gospel is right [here].

What does any of this have to do with groovin?  Nothing really.  Did I mention that I ended Sunday with a sisterly Skype sesh?  Because I did.  Love Paigey.  Love our friend Kate.  Love dancin' several states apart to the ever lovely Colbie Caillat.


21 January 2012

Politics & Prose

There's a book store here in D.C. that I've been wanting to go to since I moved here called Politics & Prose {I can tell you all about the history if you're curious.  I read up on it.}
Last night, Sarah organised a trip for us Cambridge kids, and we had a lot of fun picking out books we were interested in and discussing why it interested us.  Sarah said how it's one of her favourite dates- it's not something that I would have thought to do on my own, but I do think it's a cool idea!
And I got some sweet books at even sweeter prices!
AND there was live music in the coffeeshop downstairs, and a lecture by Thomas Caplan going on, too!

Politics & Prose
Politics & Prose 8

20 January 2012


Last night, Jennifer & I went to The Phillips Collection to watch a screening of the 1956 film Lust for Life, a movie about Vincent Van Gogh based off of the novel by Irving Stone.  I enjoyed it, seeing as how it was all about one of my favourite home boyz, but at the same time... there were a lot of really awkward moments that the other people in attendance didn't seem to find as funny.  Just go watch it (it's only 2 hours long), and I'm pretty sure you'll understand what I'm a-talking about.

18 January 2012

Knot Your Average Pony

Ok, so mine didn't end up looking exactly the same as the one from TBD {I can't get the picture to show up over here for whatever reason}.  But I didn't use mousse, so let's blame it on that, and not the fact that I had to think very seriously about how to knot my hair {I had just woken up...}

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

17 January 2012

My Life Has Been Delicious Lately

Thanks to my sweet roommates!

Alicia went to my home town of Philadelphia yesterday, and was kind enough to bring back some TASTYKAKES!!!! I gobbled some of them down right away!

Ciara brought back some amaaaaazing sorbet today!  This is awesome for a few reasons: Blood Orange & Coconut, what's not to love? Also, they are dairy-free, which means I can eat as much as I want without any of the consequences!

16 January 2012

A Weekend Of Dancing, Family, Art, & Music

AKA, A Weekend Of Awesome.

On Friday, I went to a Pink Party...man, they were not kidding when they said PINK party!  Loved all the effort that went into it, and how everyone really got into it and showed up in pink!  I danced the night away, of course!
pink party
pink party 2

The highlight of Saturday was getting up early to help clean the church building.  That and a spontaneous run to Dunkin.  Which probably goes to show just how uneventful it was, which was sad.

SUNDAY, though, was fantastic!  My mom & sister {both are fantastique} drove down for the morning!  I LOVED seeing them! And I love that we live so close that they can drive down for the morning!

The National Gallery of Art has free concerts on Sundays.  Art+Classical Music=MYFAVOURITETHIIIIINGS!!  Ciara and I went, and had a great time! 
east gallery

14 January 2012

Only Watch These Videos If You Like Cool Stuff

Like good music and amazing dancing! [Thanks Hannabeth]
And 5 people on 1 guitar!

13 January 2012

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has a most enjoyable weekend!
 I'm looking forward to the adventures I have planned!
{OK, so my adventures won't take me to Italy, but wouldn't it be nice?}
Zero editing, people.

12 January 2012

Funny Things, Lately

That time when Jennifer and I were wondering if absinthe was legal in the US, hurridly Googled it, and then realised that that was something neither of us had ever expected to look up.  {Answer, it is.}
That time when I was tagging faces in iPhoto and it suggested that I was a boy.  That just got a whole lotta awkward.
Cmoff Steve-o

11 January 2012

Photobooth Self Portraiture, September2011-January2012

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