30 April 2012

How To Do Brunch In The Brunch Capitol Of The Country

Brunch is no joke in D.C.

1. After a morning of yoga, get Jennifer to do your hair all awesome-like based off of "you know, that picture I showed you that one time?"

2. Take a picture to prove that you were together.
Jennifer et moi

3. Get to Founding Farmers and casually flirt with the host and get seated in the best seat in the house. Alicia, Jules, Me

4. Drink a cranberry cucumber cooler! Drink

5. ORDER DELICIOUS CRABCAKES!! Be sure that you get the sweet potato side, as it comes drizzled in brown sugar and pecans and delicious flavour. Food

6. Take a picture outside of the restaurant. For best results, ask the only person in the whole wide world who has never seen a digital camera. Ask them to cut off the restaurant's sign, because that's what you wanted anyway.
 Founding Farmers

27 April 2012

Flashback Friday

Hi y'all! So I was inspired by many things yesterday:
The fact that all I did was laundry last night {well, and make a delicious dinner, listen to some sweet guitar playing, and chat with some friends}
All of my cool plans are tomorrow, so I don't have much new to post about today

Roll those all up and what do you get? The very first Flashback Friday!

Let's kick it off with an awkward photo from an '80s dance thrown for the youth at church, c.2005ish.  I'll have you know that the major winners of the night are all clustered on the viewer's left side:  Annabelle won Best '80s Girl, I won Most Colourful '80s Girl, and Anthony won Best '80s Guy.  What can I say? I only hang with the best...and Sam and Paige, but only because they're my siblings ;)
80s Dance
Sometimes I like to show this picture to people without telling them that it was for a themed dance...if they start to ask, then I say something that implies that this was just any normal morning- "I know, how convenient that my mom was able to capture us on our way out the door for school!"

26 April 2012

Monochroming. Preppy+Hipster. JCrew. Miniature People.

If you know me [or read the title of this post], then you know why everything about the latest crewcuts catalogue makes me go weak in the kneeees.  Adorable!


I've been monochroming since a young age, too.  In fact, here's proof {points if you can guess the theme!}:
Paige's 3rd Birthday

24 April 2012

How To Celebrate At Front Street Fountain

Front Street Fountain is the cute restaurant where my sister works!

1. Really get to know the mascots, Patty & Frank.  They are just as excited as my mom is about her 50th birthday!

2. Be properly attired with a mustache as you eat your delicious food, served by the greatest waitress!

3. Take notes as your mama shows you the proper way to vogue at the carnival games.
Mama and me

4. Reassure your friends that getting glitter tattoos that say HOTTIE is the best decision to date.  Like, ever.

5. Get your dad to validate your decisions.
Hottie and Papa

6. Use your newly acquired hottie powers to fight Spiderman.

7. Cheer Papa D on through the ice cream sundae competition.  Be sure to trash talk his competition, as they're surely intimidated by your stature.
10 scooper

How To Spend The Morning At My Faaaavourite Park

1.  Find a tree.  Climb it {for best results, wear a skirt, don't wear shoes}.  Ask the awkward couple nearby to take a picture to document.

2.  Look off into the distance.

3. Really use the surrounding architecture to model like a model.
Like a model

4. Find a water source.

5. Travel back to 5th grade and use a buttercup on yo chin to turn it yellow.

6. Restore some energy by sitting on a log.


23 April 2012

How To Celebrate Your Mother's 50th Birthday

How To Celebrate Your Mother's 50th Birthday:
1. Make a poster of a flapper cow.

2. Make a really cool criss-cross cake, and call it "rustic" when it ends up being really crumby and getting in the peanut butter frosting.

3. Make a cupcake button nose!

4. Give presents! "Hey Mom, I'm glad you really like that cardigan and all, but I also got you this balloon."

5. Hang out by the pool!
RENTS by the pool
Fly Pool Girls

But most importantly...

Look for forthcoming How To's on spending the morning at the park and an afternoon at a small-town restaurant's birthday fair!

21 April 2012

How I Spent My Day With Spiderman

Today, I got bested by TWO Spidermans swinging around my part of town.  
Needless to say, it's been an exhausting day.  
Can't wait to share the rest of the fun!

{PS- Happy Birthday to my MOM!!!}

20 April 2012

We Had A Goodbye Party For Jasmine, And All I Got Where These Photos Of Jeff

Jasmine is leaving us, but hopefully it won't be the last that we see of her!  She's super cool (and cute! she's the non-spaz--I mean, non-drummer-- in the photo below), and we've all loved getting to know her these past few weeks.  In order to say goodbye, we had a little picnic at the park!  There was SO MUCH hummus, which is how you know it was SO MUCH fun!
Party it uuup

And Jeff photobombed like all of my pictures.
Jeff's Hand

19 April 2012

There Are A Lot Of Good Things About This Post

BETH&JONATHAN!! I got to see BETH&JONATHAN!!! I haven't seen them since they got married {shortly after that time I set up their engagement}- I thought that I loved them then, but I love them even more now, and not just because THEY ARE MOVING TO DC!!!
But seriously, Beth&Jonathan are such examples to me.  They are kind, witty, wise, hysterical, thoughtful, hardworking, and well-dressed.  Basically, I want to be them.  In the meantime, we will all have to be satisfied with the following moderate-quality pictures from our Tuesday trip to Good Stuff with our other PKP friends.

Fer Cute
PKP Capitol Crew
Capitol Lovers

17 April 2012

Tell Me I'm A Bird

On Saturday, the weather was insanely beautiful!  Ben, Ciara, & I went over to Fletcher's Cove for a picnic and some boating on the Potomac.  Seriously, all it needed were a bunch of swans, and it would've been like The Notebook.  It was so calm, and the SUN was shining {I even got a little bit of a colour on my arms!}, and just so good!  I even took a turn at rowing- I found out just how weak I really am AKA I'm really good at rowing with one oar at a time, but the energy it requires to use both oars at the same time is not something that I have haha.  Simply fantastico!
I also learned that fishers are grumpy.



HuckFinnin' ItGlasses
PS- Ciara always finds glasses when she's hiking!