30 May 2012

Ducklandia, Or How To Do Memorial Weekend In OBX

Jeepjeep advens.  Beach. 4-toed foot sand sculptures.  Food shopping for 14 people with no car space.  Sunset walk to the pier.  Crabs & stingrays.  Being lost on the beach, unable to remember the street you're staying on.  Making dinner in a bathing suit.
JeepJeep Crew
One of these things is not like the other. Because the other is missing a toe.

Beach. Books. Burns. Big hats. BBQ. Corolla crew. Late night drives. Souvenir shops open until 11pm (see also: butterfly nets).  Cutting up my toe (it still hurts; should I be worried?)
Sand art
Rockstar Sarah
Ladies who read
Men who read

Making Jennifer use her words. Church at the middle school.  Sick.  Coordinated BBQ (I swear it makes the food taste even better). Borrowing matches from pirate neighbors.  Hammock sleep. Solitary beach time at night.  Live jams to this song/this song.
Coordinated cooks
Sunday Serenade

Sunrise on the beach. A little rain.  Bike rides.  Lounging. Even more porch chatter.  Otter pop wars.  Cleaning to the "Valentine's song". The dubbing of this as the Duck Weekend song.  The drive back.
Duck Beach Sunrise 3
Camnif sunrise
Otter Pop Duels
Air hug goodbye

All weekend:
No makeup. No real clothes. No shoes. No orange otter pops.

29 May 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Sneak Peek

Already missing the sand, sunrises, and giant sleepovers.
Duck Beach Sunrise

...And being able to walk around in just a bathing suit and call it good.

24 May 2012

Hey Look, Good Things In My Life!

I had some final birthday lovin' this week!
Many thanks to my coworkers for the delicious cake...
Marvelous Market

...and to Jennifer for organising a fun birthday dinner at Vapiano!

I'm off to the B.E.A.C.H. with some friends in the morning! 
It's about time these legs of mine saw some sun.
Enjoy your holiday, lovelies! 

22 May 2012

19 May 2012

Yay! My birthday was so splendid!

I had a breakfast of crepes

courtesy of this lovely gal on the right

made all the sweeter by a chorus of Happy Birthday on the phone from these peeps!

I came back and had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers

from the other half of Camayla!

There were also lots of balloons, cards, and presents

thanks to the greatest roommates!

And there was this guy with the greatest hair at DuPont Circle:
Einstein Hair

I'm looking forward to this year!

21 May 2012

Friday Adventures

I'm back, and I'm feeling good!  I had a most splendid weekend {which included my birthday! but more on that later}, which is exactly what I needed.

On Friday:

There was a penguin at work!  There was also a bald eagle and a pelican, which I loved, but there was A PENGUIN at work!!

I was able to score some sweet seats to the Nats game and had an awesome time with my friendsies.
Baseball Crew
Me and Ali
Baseball Crew

Alsoooo my pants may have split at work? Aie, talk about embarassing! Luckily, Georgetown is right around the corner, so I scurried on over as fast as possible while trying to remain decent to buy a rescue outfit.  Thank you to the kind sales lady who helped me in my rushed state :)
Rescue Outfit

Happy Monday!

17 May 2012


Today's been very emotional, as I've lost a loved one.
My weekend is also already very busy.
I will return in a few days.

Liberty Belle

15 May 2012


Tickets were a steal to last night's Nats game, so a bunch of my friends & I braved the rainy weather and high altitude to watch our team WIN!  It was a lot of fun (despite hanging wit some Red Sox haters...just writing that makes me hurt)!

This is how we really felt about the game:
Sall a Blur

14 May 2012

Triple Crown Birthday Party

Of the 4 of us in my house, 3 have May birthdays!!  Saturday was the party we'd been preparing for all week, and it was such a blast!  There was a photobooth, paper-tissue flowers/ pop-poms, and lots of delicious homemade food!  A big THANK YOU to everyone who came and lent their talents!!!
And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ciara and Alicia, too!

Jon and Laurie
Julie and Sean
Tiffany, Kyle, Saskia
Happy Birthday
Kisses for cake
Triple Crown
Ciara and Ben
Karly and James
Camille and Eve
Matt and Sally
Stephanie and Camille
Laura, Tiffany, and Erin
Christiane and Camille
Deborah and Sean
Greg and girls
Ryan and Gregory
Hannah and Camille
Caleb, Jason, Bianca
Alicia and Kyle
Jason and Stephanie
Alicia and James
Ben, Ciara, Patrick, Karly, Sean
Melanie, Gregory, Alicia
Tickle Monster
Brian and Alicia