29 June 2012


I haven't had much to blog about the last few days, and all I wanna do is blog about you, k?  Because you is funny, you is reallygoodtasteinfood, you is thinkingI'mcool.

Besides, I told you to send me these photos so I could put them on my blog as proof of my readership.

So, here is Beth, reading my blog:

"Two things. 1- I miss you 2- I am reading your blog.  Like, a lot.
You could be legitimately creeped out by this and I wouldn't even blame you."

Unsolicited obsession with me, woo!

"Well at first I was like this"

"And then I was like this"

"But now I'm like this"


Note: that is her husband playing the organ there.  Although at this point they were just friends, on a path to becoming lovers.

Can't wait for you two to mooooove heerrrreeee.

26 June 2012

Paige's Graduation Party

So remember how my sister graduated from high school a few weeks ago?
We partied it UP on Saturday to celebrate her survival!  It was great to meet all of her cute friends, take photobooth pictures (!!!) and cool off in the pool.

And there was a super cute baby!

25 June 2012

How To Be Popular

My dog has always had a way with the ladies... (+Zach)

Chester making new friends!

That SMILE!!! It KILLS me!!!

Berry Picking!

I went home this weekend for my sister's graduation party.
Some of my friends came along, too.
Saturday morning, we went berry picking!
It was such a delicious morning.
And maybe the Sun wiped us all out for the rest of the day.

I'm still not done uploading
Just pickin some berries on a Saturday morn. Told you I was Street.
Picking berries and blue nails. I CAN'T HELP HOW COOL I AM!
Now Zach is on instagram. He said he was too macho to be, but that basket of berries says otherwise.

I met this cute 9-year-old girl whilst picking who was clearly embarrassed by her little sister: "She looks like a tourist in that dress!"

We also stopped for lunch at Ariano in Media, where Savanna loved the Italian music that was playing and Shazam'd pretty much every song throughout the whole meal.

And we took photos with the Peace Wall.

And then we partied.  [post forthcoming]

21 June 2012

Good Things

It's been a long week for a lot of reasons, but instead of talking about all of that, let's focus on some Good Things (and not just the fact that DC Metro has generously allowed us water on the trains yesterday and today)!

1. Running into friends in Chinatown and on the Metro.  #local.  That will never stop being a good thing :)

2. Raspberries are a decent price again!
Trendy Breakfast

3. Saladsaladsalad.  It's what I want all of the minutes.
Trendy dinner

4. Being so fly with blue nails! My roommate Eve has a smurf hat which she may or may not have made me wear and then hold my hands up to my face.  Unfortunately there isn't any photographic evidence, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  I mean, who would lie about that anyway.
Hip new bracelet. Trendy blue nails.  Bright pink skirt. I kill myself with how kewl I am.

5. It's almost da weekend!

20 June 2012

Where's Waldo? ::Art Edition::

Thank you to my friend Austin for sharing Vintage Waldo with me!  It's amazing!

18 June 2012

How To Have A Goodbye Party For Geoff

One of my dear Cambridge friends was out here in D.C. for a few months student teaching {and then bookshopkeeping}.  He left on Sunday to drive/move back to Utah, so we had a goodbye picnic at the park for him!  Geoff's like another brother to me, so I'm so excited for all of the adventures that will come his way!

And yes, he now has a beard.  And no, no one gave him a razor and made him shave it off.

Geoff farewell
Stephanie and Jackie
Geoff, Jennifer, and me
Nutella Oreos
Geoff and me
Geoff's beard
Geoff farewell 2

first and last photos are courtesy of yandary

16 June 2012

How To Do Jazz In The Garden

The NGA hosts Jazz In The Garden every Friday during the summer!  The garden is cram-packed with 20-something DC-ites enjoying music and art {and in some cases, a few drinks; in our case, hummus}, and it's a great experience!

1.  Grab a small square of grass and a lot of friends
Somma da crew
Rocking it

2.  Make the art look bad with how fly you look.
Maggie is art

3. Really like Pellegrino.  Look like you want to cuddle it.
Stephanie laughing at how funnnyyyy I am

4. Wear stripes and pink!

5. Be sure that all guns are put away in a safe location.
Put those guns away!

6. Be talking in all the pictures.  After all, you are like so totally popular, you can't not talk, and you can't not have your photo taken.  Right?  Right?

7. Don't have an iPhone, but order your friends to Instagram your life. Please&thankyou, Miss Jordan!
Instagram my life please

15 June 2012

Sister Texts

Best picture message of the week from Paigey:

"Boo! we love you :)"

Chester is my old-man-dog-boyfriend, and I am not ashamed.

But seriously, how cuuuuute is my dog?  And my sister?

[Still missing Belle.]

14 June 2012

Stripes On Stripes: Would You?

I just did.

Would you?
Stripes on Stripes

12 June 2012

How To Visit The American History Museum

1. Have a friend named Cody come to visit; it's the perfect excuse to visit one of the very few museums you haven't been to yet: the American History Museum!
Cody et moi

2. Don't take a single photo, except for the one with DUMBO, because you know that your parents will get it and laughlaughlaugh about 3-year-old Camille.

3. Try to come to terms with the fact that #touristseason has begun in #DC.  Try to not be reeeaaaallllyyy frustrated that a) you have to stand in line for a musuem? (why the face? Phil Dunphy anyone?) and b) leisurely strolls in museums are essentially gone for the rest of the summer.

4.  Be sure that a Girl Scout Invasion (Ok, "Convention," but really, after about attendee 10,000,000, it's essentially the same thing) is going on that day.  Hope that the European tourists don't judge our whole entire nation by what they're wearing.

5.  Eat at Paul (because you both speak French...ok, one is much better than the other), and watch as your hanger disappears!

6.  Walk around and have crazy people try to be your friend.  Love it.

11 June 2012

Shake It Out

Currently obsessed with this cover:

of this song:

09 June 2012

How To Spend All Day Poolside

1. Bring a good book, grab a chaise: read, rotate with the sun.

2. Clean the pool of a large spider.  Act like it's a scary tightrope and you could fall to your doom at any moment.

3. Get your dog and your sister in the pool with you.  Go crazy!

4. Keep obsessing over how cute your dog is.