30 August 2012

B&C Take DC

These are the last photos of Annabelle's trip to D.C. (thanks for the pixxx, B!)

The following pictures offer just a glimmer of our < 3 for each other.
And my love for dancing at memorials
And for stalking Frenchies.
And for PA.

<3 PA
Hand in Hand 4 Lyf
Parlez-vous francais?
Lincoln Steps
<3 PA 2

Luv ya B.

**Thanks for coming, too, Geneva!!!**

28 August 2012

The Things I Remember Of The Things I Learned While Driving Across The Country

-I am friends with a driving MACHINE! We definitely did not split the driving equally, and Miss Jourdana definitely did most of it.

Somewhere pretty in America. I <3 USA. #latergram

-America is pretty.  Of where we drove, Pennsylvania is the prettiest, and I'm not just saying that because I'm from there.  I'm saying it because it's true.

Road trip. Amurica. #latergram

-There are several examples of large displays of religious beliefs.  Some in the form of this giant cross (Kansas maybe?), some in the form of rebuilding Noah's arc (no picture as I was the driver, but trust me, it was BIG).

KS maybe 2
KS maybe

-Nothing is more comfortable than a big ol' bed at the end of a very long day.


-Driving in the early morning through Kansas while listening to One Direction has to be one of the best ways to watch the sunrise.  I was just as surprised as you are.

-Roadtrips are a great way to see an awesome old roommate's awesome family when you crash for the night in Ohio.


-Not wearing makeup for a week (the drive + leaving it in Jourdan's car^postage time) is good for your skin.


-Nothing compares to the nap that you take when you get back.

27 August 2012

Today Was Delicious

I'm so happy that my new office is near Michele's and that we can have lunch dates full of DELICIOUS FLAVOUR!!

Just two lil angels out to lunch
This is where I ate my body weight in the form of a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcake
I dub thee Sir Crumbsalot

Can't stop raving about it to my coworkers!!

Surprise Anniversary Party!

No, not mine (wouldn't that be fer cute?), although it did get you to click here! Or least those of you who found this on the sidebar of a mutual friend's blog, and not those who saw it on their blogger feed and can thus read the first little bit of every post.

While I was in St. George, Utah last weekend gearing up for the cross-country roadtrip, my friend Jourdan threw a surprise anniversary party for her parents!! 30 years and kids who will do such a thing? They've obviously done something right!

The afternoon was a delightful chaos of baking, cleaning, decorating, and lying, and I loved every minute of it!

The party was a blast; wish you could've been there!

H Fam

Side note (mostly for my Cambridge Friends): Jourdan's brother looks like he could be the son of my friends Jeff and Boy Alex.  AmIright? Kind of eerie, mostly awesome.

And this is what happens when siblings (ie: Sam and me) are working together on making party prep lists:


25 August 2012

ABelle Part 2

So remember when bestay Annabelle came to visit a few weeks ago?
And how it ruled, despite my being crazy sick and having to miss spending Saturday at the Natural History Museum (argh!)?  But that's ok, because we made every minute at the monuments count.

Well, Geneva, who was also there, posted some pictures, and I'm sharing them here. Now if ATQ could only get some of the other ones to me (you know which ones I mean...the ones that every tourist commented on while we tried to take the pictures)

freaking adorable

Proving Them Right
byu is always ranked as #1 most beautiful co-eds.  here i am proving them right.

24 August 2012

The Evanses Are Here To Stay!!!

Beth & Jonathan have officially moved to D.C.!!! Well, as much as one can be moved here without housing...

It was a wonderful night of kabob, cupcakes, opening up a bit about the existential crisis that my life has been for the last two years, and makeup shopping {Jonathan insisted}.

My life is now a bajillion times better @bethaevans

So much love.  Who is next?  Who else wants to move here and join our party? Yes, I am looking at you.

22 August 2012

A Beautiful Mess Look-A-Like

Every time, I think this is me! It's never until the tattoo in the last one that I realise it's not.   Meaning that for the other 8 images I'm sitting looking at my computer thinking, "I don't remember doing this...Seems like something I would remember..."
Has anyone else ever done that? Think that someone else is them? Eerie, isn't it?

Currently Listening To

Of course I forgot both my makeup and my camera in Jourdan's car....which means pictures of the trip will have to wait until they arrive in the mail at the end of the week (Thank you, Jourdan!!)

In the meantime, some new songs Imma loving:

The way that Grace and Tony sound together
[fun fact, Tony is the brother of  John Paul White of the Civil Wars]

& TSwift, obviously

21 August 2012

In Case You Were Wondering, The Drive From Utah to DC Is Long

Just arrived back home in D.C. after trekking across the country sans internet.  Can't wait to write about it, but first, a nap.

17 August 2012

Sounds About Right

An owl stole my mom's shoe yesterday.
This is real life.

15 August 2012

My Kind Of Night

I had a dream last night that I was swimming at the Olympics.

You read that right.

Somehow, through some connections that my mom had, I was able to compete in a friendly swimming competition against my sister.  The pool was only one lane and my goggles were basically impossible to see through, so I swam without them.  Also, there wasn't much of an audience, and I think at the beginning I was dressed in my work clothes.  

I guess the pool could more accurately be described as L shaped.  The top part of the L is the one lane where we swam, and the bottom part of the L is the area where we waded around until the race started.  Michael Phelps was chilling there with us, because we are obviously best friends and he wanted to cheer me on.  Notice how I said that he wanted to cheer me on and not my sister.  That's because he had a secret crush on me.

Right before the swimming started, a third female showed up to swim because she wanted to make the competition all real like that.  I don't remember who that was now that I'm conscious.  All that's important is that I won the 100 meter race, despite the fact that I didn't have goggles and that I'm not actually that great of a swimmer.  Don't get me wrong, I can swim, I'm not Fezzik, but I'm also not Camille Muffat.  But in my dream, I won. And Michael Phelps was so excited for me.  In the pool.  In swimming attire.

Needless to say, I hit the snooze button this morning.

14 August 2012

Road Trip Help

Hello amigos!!  I'm going on a road trip next week- woot! Love me some road trip!  I haven't done one quite this long since I graduated from high school all those many years ago...  

Any advice on the following would be greatly welcomed!  Because we're talking over 15 hours in the car each day, people.  

-Suggested audiobooks? (I'm thinking Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, or something similarly light-hearted.  Any reviews?  Or something else entirely?)
-Must-have music on a playlist
-Ways to stay entertained
-Ways to stay energized
-Non-junk foods that will keep me from crashing
-Any other general tips

13 August 2012

It Didn't Rain On Friday, So It's A Good Thing I Wore My Wellies & Rain Jacket All Day

This one time, Annabelle and her (now our) friend Geneva came to visit.  And I took one picture on my phone.  And Annabelle and Geneva took all of the other pictures and they (the pictures, not the girls. JK!) are really cute and funny and I am using this to publicly shame them into posting them online so I can use them here.

We're not at a ball, otherwise I'd say that you're the belle of it @ellebannaq

That's the one picture I got.  Link to another one here.  The rest will be posted of our awesome monument tour once those ever so fine ladies post them.

12 August 2012


Basically turning this into my sick log.  Does that make this a slog instead of a blog?

Anyway, picked up my Rx (that's Dr. speak for "prescriptions"), and the address that the pharmacy had on file was 12 years and a couple of states ago.  Shows you how often I go to the doctor...

I welcome visitors who bring bottles of water and/or orange juice.  I'm not going to tell you my pulp preference on the OJ thing, but I'll award some kind of prize if you get it right.
just kidding
still sick
want to diiiiie
i give up, i am going to a doctor.

11 August 2012

A Special TREAT

I know I said that I'm feeling better, but that doesn't mean I'm looking or sounding better yet.

Back In The Game

After a few days of drinking lots of
But seriously, who gets a monster cold in August?

and watching even more

I am feeling much better!  

Guyyyyssss, no joke, I have such a crush on Jim Halpert #actuallyperfect #ifyoucanmakemelaughlikeJimthenIwillbeyourPam

08 August 2012

Sick Day

I hate being sick, especially the kind of sick where you still want to do things, but don't have the energy to do them, but you also can't sleep through the sickness.  Instead, you are a sniffly/sneezy/achey/hot/cold/crabby mess.  
At least my boss ordered me to go home.
And I have the best roommates ever...one of them is out getting me soup right now!

So I'll be back (with pictures of my new haircut!) when I'm a-feeling a-better.

06 August 2012

Camille Muffat: A Challenge

Camille Muffat, we essentially share a name.
Camille Muffat, nous avons le même nom (essentiellement)
So, I made this video.
Alors, j'ai fait cette vidéo
Spread the word, people!!

Let's make this happen! 

04 August 2012

A Request To Help A Friend

A friend of both my brother and mine, CJ, was just diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a cancer that aggressively attacks the bone marrow, this week. CJ is an incredible guy- an Ironman, adventurous, smart, hardworking, and really nice.  He is beginning chemotherapy soon, and costs are extremely expensive.  
You're in our prayers, CJ.

02 August 2012

Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

I hope you're all not like me, and had seen this before this week.  Thank you Kelsy for sharing this in honor of Harry's (and Neville's and J.K.'s) birthday on Tuesday.

01 August 2012

D.C. Is Pretty


D.C. loving'