31 December 2012

Valley Forge

One of the many perks of my hometown is that it's just a short drive from Valley Forge.


And a movie of Chester!!!

{thank you, Paigey, for the camera work!}

28 December 2012

Take My Dream?

I just searched high and low to find a post on my blog about a dream I had summer of 2010.  Evidently I didn't write about it here, but luckily I've talked about it enough that I can remember it.

When I was in Rome with Hwanhi and Katja, we stayed up one night in our tent playing MASH. We played several rounds in hopes that fate would pair me with my secret Cambridge crush (cringing just thinking about that...).  I did, however, get MASH married to our beloved and eccentric library-stair-hopping friend James.  
So naturally, that night I had a dream that James and I were married (trust me, this is just as weird for me to write as it is for you to read).  All that happened in the dream was that I was asleep in bed, and James just stood there... taking pictures of me... all creepy like...

I KNOW!! Sooooo weird!!! But it's HYSTERICAL!! I remember that the next morning I recounted this dream to some friends at lunch in the Great Hall, and my professor/family friend who, among other things, studies dreams was sitting a few seats down, doing a poor job of pretending not to listen.  

Why do I bring this up 2.5 years later? (2.5 years!!!! eeeek!!!)

BECAUSE last night, I had a dream that one of my male friends came up to me with a roll of film he had developed from a disposable camera...and the pictures were all of me (and I'd had no idea that they were being taken)!!!! Some of them were full body shots, but they were mostly of my knees.  MY KNEES????  I didn't really know what to make of it, and I don't know how I reacted because I started waking up right about that time.

But what does it mean when I have dreams about my friends taking stalker pictures of me??

27 December 2012

Sibling Selfies!

Some more presents for all y'all.


25 December 2012

Merry Christmas! A Present For You!

Happy Christmas, everyone! I hope that everyone has been enjoying time with loved ones as we celebrate Christ's birth.

As a present to all of you, Sam, Paige, and I made some videos for your viewing pleasure!  They are soooo good and definitely not done in one take.  Sam kicked me in the face in one of them, sooo they are pretty intense.  Also, I have not worn makeup this whole weekend.


                                                                                                 Moffats do Marry You--Bruno Mars from Camille Moffat on Vimeo.


                                                                Moffats do Brokenhearted--Karmin from Camille Moffat on Vimeo.

23 December 2012

Sunday Night In Media

Sometimes, when Annabelle comes to hang out, I'll be wearing a blanket-turned-into-a-skirt-over-leggings-and-also-a-glitzy-necklace, sitting by a fireplace, just munching on some fruit.

Chilling with some fruit

And then she'll laugh at me.

Chilling with some fruit

21 December 2012

Current Likes

I've been feeling a wee bit grumpy lately. 
(a combination of the freezing windy rain, extreme fatigue, a messy bedroom, needing to do laundry/go to the cleaners, and being annoyed by nearly all of the boys)

This seems like the perfect time to compile a list of things that I like and make me happy.

I went to the ballet with Jennifer.  We saw the Nutcracker and it was amazing!! I haven't seen the Moscow Ballet in 10 years, and man are they just as good as I remembered.  Also, if I were a ballerina, forget wanting to be the Sugar Plum Fairy (although I would want her tutu....), I would want to dance the Arabian Variation!!

This tea.  I discovered the brand thanks to Jourdan's sweet roommate when I was sick in Boston.  I'm loving it!

The way this candle smellllls.  (Amazing, in case you didn't get that)

The latest song by Roo Panes for Burberry Acoustic.  He can do no vocal wrong.

That I get to spend holiday time with family and friends.

Top half of the National Christmas Tree #WhyDoeaInstaHaveToCropAllMyPhotos

I feel better already!

20 December 2012

This Is Not A Fashion Blog

After a night in the rain at the National Christmas Tree, I immediately came home and changed into this:


Argyle::Animal Print::Stripes
Good thing mixing prints is in, right?

Fashionista 2

I hope none of the fellas I'm seeing read this blog. These pictures might just be too much to handle.

19 December 2012

To Be Fair [From The Archives]

[Originally drafted January 2012]

...to everyone else that I've ever posted screen shots of from Skype. 
I mean, I know the shots are coming so I can look as glamorous/normal as I desire. 

My sister hit me with some fair payback.
Camille Clause

{but if we're being 100% honest, I asked her to take this picture because I thought it was so totally hysterical}

17 December 2012

Christmas Time In NYC

Or, Gramnifander takes NYC.
(GRace+cAMille+jenNIFer+alexANDER...just give me this, folks, the bus ride is 4 hours, Jennifer and I had to do something, may as well make an awful celebrity moniker for the weekenders)

There's a Bernini exhibit at the Met right now, and we all know how much I loooove Bernini (but who couldn't??), and I have a few friends living in New York right now, so I just had to go.  I had to. There was no choice!  We also saw a cool exhibit on Pre-Photoshop Photographic Manipulation, and basically I found next year's Halloween costume.


We found stairs made of candy (!!!!!!!!!!!^infinity)!!

Dylan's Candy Bar Steps

We tried out some amazing perfume at Bloomingdale's.

We ate a ton of positively scrumptious Japanese food at an incredible price. Our first appetizer? Macarons of course!

French Japanese Fusion

I climbed a window at church and made a new friend at the same time.  #ThingsINeverExpectedToSay

Manhatten Ward

I took Polaroids!

NYC Polaroid

And we spent a ton of time on the Subway (sooo hard to not call it the Metro #DCProblems). Also, I might be able to get to 86th Street with my eyes closed now. #MuseumMileIsBetterThanTheRoyalMile


And then I came home to the best Christmas cards (which included personlized hand-written notes!!) from Lisa and Jen&Derek

NYC Weekend Sneak Peek

I < 3 NYC.

Beret NYC Rain

Even when it's raining.

*more to come

14 December 2012

New York City

You know where I'll be this weekend.

/Above photo is by and property of the photographic genius Rodney Smith/

13 December 2012

I Want It To Be The Weekend

Today, I'm focusing all of my energy on:

1) Getting completely healthy (almost there, folks!! But my voice is still a little lower/sultrier than normal, sooo...there's that.)

2) Workworkworkwork!!

3) Thinking about all of the adventures I'm going to have in NYC this weekend with Nif and Boy Alex and Grace! (Ok, mostly this one. I can't stop talking about it!!!)

12 December 2012



Photograph by Marcel Christ // via

11 December 2012

Good Things

I'm still sick, and all I want is snugs and endless herbal tea.

Anyways, here are some good things about my life of late in no real order:

Christmas in the West End!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in D.C.!

Starbucks dates with Nif!

Starbucks dates with @__nif__ are one of my favourite things

Ethiopian food and talking about this book with Lindsey!


Hedgehog and owl candles for Sandy!!

Owl and hedgehog candles. Sandy, do your worst.


NEW BEST THING EVER!!! #traderjoes

Making lentil curry with Nif (and sort of with James)!

We made lentil curry!! Well, @__nif__  did the making, I did the serenading. Spices courtesy of the one and only @jamesremains ... Yes James, you just bought the both of us dinner from across the country. Champ.

Cozy nights of hot chocolate, Gingersnapish Tea (it's a thing!), and Joe-Joe's!

Joe Joe's

Listening to Jenny Oaks Baker perform...and a surprise bagpiper!

VC concert

A return on my tithing!


Kiersta and I twin a lot (check out those tights)!


You know, just some monks. Shopping at the Apple store!


Shopping for handlipstick!


D.C. swimsuit models!


Yeah, I might be sick, but there's lots that's good!