23 January 2013

Eastern Market

Also this past weekend, I went to Eastern Market with a bunch of friends.

The group picture was posted to el FB, and since I'm no longer a 'Booker, just imagine a photo of well-dressed creative and intellectual women and smart med students and a few interns that still look like they belong in Webelos.

Eastern market

I got some art and bluebucks pancakes (not to be confused with this) and a necklace, which are basically the 3 best things ever.

Eastern market

One of the highlights of the morning was Seth's crossword.  I was called in for my art expertise, but despite our medium-sized group, no one knew what beer was made in.  Whitney literally stopped this guy in his 60's at the market and asked him, "Excuse me sir, what is beer made in?".  He looked really confused until I mentioned we were doing a crossword and we also didn't drink. The answer is...well I don't rightly remember, other than it started with an O I think.

Eastern market
Eastern market
Eastern market



Lisa said...

Hold up! I can now only blog stalk you instead of blog and book stalk!! What will I do with all that free time?!?!

Camille said...

It's my form of an intervention ;) "Lisa, this is an Obsession-With-Camille Intervention. It's for your own good"

Liz said...

I'm a little sad to not be in any of these photos but I still like this! And that you were there!!