14 January 2013

Georgetown Ice Skating

OK, so maybe I didn't actually skate, but that's because it was so warm outside that there was a ring of water on the ice, and I'm already bad enough at skating as it is that I didn't want to add any extra elements.*  That and there was no one there that I wanted to hold hands with.** Also, they didn't have any Emperor Penguins for adults to skate with.***  Bonus, my AHC friend Leslie came!!****

AHC Grads
"Skating" with @trentonio and @lesjane_o

Also, there were TONS of doughnuts.  Alyssa was feeding them to the birds, and Jason was throwing bits of doughnut at her feet so that the seagulls would attack Alyssa.  Ah, love.

Jason and Alyssa feeding doughnuts to seagulls :)

**radio silence is not my fave, and I probably deserve it, but I'd be cool with that ending whenever.
***little kids aren't the only ones who need penguatorial assistance when skating!


Liz said...

1. I love J. Wood at the top. 2. Penguatorial is possibly the best word ever.

Camille said...

1. Right?? He's my fave part of that photo. So jovial, and totally just going the wrong direction.
2. Thanks! Can I be on the committee that decides each year what words to add to the dictionary?

Jennifer said...

I'm totally in favor of adding penguatorial. Also, I was there, we could have held hands. #iknownotthesame

Liz said...

Please be the Chair of the Dictionary Committee. I would sustain you.