30 January 2013


The great thing about meeting FLOTUS is that I just wasn't expecting it!!! It was a total surprise!!

There I was, walking to Trader Joe's to get a loaf of bread, and I just happened to look to my left, and there she was!!

She was just so friendly.  Seeing her smiling face through the glass (kind of weird that she insisted on staying behind that window) gave me the confidence boost I needed that I would indeed find the loaf of bread for which I searched.

I came out victorious from that trip, in more ways than one.  Not only did I leave with some bread, but I left with a renewed sense of confidence in Mrs. Obama's caring for my health.

Kind if hard to see, but I totally ran into FLOTUS at her day job today!

Thanks, FLOTUS!


Utah Girl Am I said...

Oh, my goodness, GIRL, when I saw this headline, I almost squealed out loud (SOL? Oh, wait, that abbrev is already taken.). Ha ha! ;)

Camille said...

Haha that was the point ;) Although, when (not if, right?) I meet her for REAL, then I really will be SOL because no one will believe me ;)