22 January 2013

Inauguration 2013

I learned how to spell the word inauguration thanks to Twitter.

Getting to go to the inauguration was a last minute thing!  I'd been bemoaning the fact that I didn't have tickets, and then BAM, thanks to some friends, Sunday night at 9:30 I had tickets in my hand!

We woke up at 4:45 am!!!! By 6:05, I was in line with the other Yellow ticket holders.  It took just under an hour to make it through security, and luckily I made some friends since the other girls were all in the Orange section.  Watching the sun rise over the Capitol building is a beautiful thing, folks.

Just got through security
#inauguration2013 #DCLife

I made it up as far as I could in my section and made friends with this cute and sassy 4-year-old girl.  Once her family left (about 15 minutes later) and I was friendless and I realised just how cold it was up front without tons of people surrounding you and blocking the wind, I had serious second thoughts about being there.  I somehow made my way through the crowds to the very back of the section where there were fewer people.  And then I sat under a tree for a few minutes while I evaluated if I could last for another 4 hours.  BUT THEN a miracle happened and my friend Jeff was somehow able to recognize me sitting by the tree, all bundled up and a touch grumpy, and I had friends!! And we played card games (I won them all!)!! And it was happy and fun!!

Face cards at #inauguration2013


And I was in bed at like 8 last night.


Kel said...

you're so patriotic!! thanks for sharing your inauguration love.

Liz said...

I love all the people in those pictures!

Beth said...

That last shot is a winner. USA! USA!