25 January 2013

It's Friday

If a dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep, then apparently my biggest wish is to be a Bolt Bus driver.  Well, actually it's to be the co-pilot to Leslie's pilot, but that detail makes me seem even more lame (I wouldn't even be the main driver in my wildest dreams?)


I have two new fabulous roommates (in addition to the already fabulous Eve)! We all hang out and stuff! One thing I forgot about getting new roommates...everybody syncing up.  Which means that my emotions and hormones have been a little wild. (But I still stand by that the sucker-punch-to-the-gut feeling I had in the middle of the week was real as I saw boy-that-I-accidentally-started-to-like-who-knows-that-I-like-him-evidently-decided-that-he-doesn't-like-me-back-anymore-without-telling-me flirting with some other girls, and looking so fine while he did it.)

/makes me think of that time I went to Holland/

Why is it so cold??  I'd say "Not Cool" but I feel like that's kind of the problem...it's too cool. I bet this person owns this dog.


I've been trying to be better at my relationships (romantic and otherwise), and I read two articles this week that I LOVED. This first one is from the BYU Women's Resource Center...I rolled my eyes, too, but I promise that it is amazing!  This second one is from Elder Holland and it's great and funny and I was going to run out and buy Othello to read last night but got caught up doing laundry instead.


I've got some fun plans tonight, if it's not too cold tomorrow I'll have fun plans tomorrow, and Sunday, well, Sunday is always Funday (seriously, click that link).



Leslie said...

haha. you can ALWAYS be my co-pilot. ps. where are we going + when?

Camille said...

Yes!! In my dream we were in both London and NYC, so I'd be ok with that...

Utah Girl Am I said...

Why is this the week for man troubles, I ask you? I now suddenly want to read Othello, too. And you can be whatever you want in your wildest dreams... even the co-pilot! ;)

Jen said...

I liked the dating article you posted--yes, I rolled my eyes too, but I thought it was interesting.

Oh, and everything Elder Holland says/writes is awesome. But I do love this talk!