26 January 2013

JDawg's Surprise Party!

Yesterday was Jonathan's birthday!!  Beth organized a surprise party, and we had emails going back and forth with subject lines like "Pssst. Here's the info" so we were pretty much like spies.  Thank goodness Jonathan apparently doesn't even look at Beth's email, otherwise the surprise would have been out so fast.

Beth made some awesome decorations.  You know that she loves her man because she baked for the first time ever (I mean, Beth, how did you even earn your Young Woman's award??)...but the cakes were baked in frying pans so that's the Beth I know and love.

JDawg surprise fete
JDawg surprise fete
JDawg surprise fete

Our shouting of SURPRISE was a little off, but oh well.

When I was putting candles in the cakes, I decided to put them in both cakes and not just one, purely to make it harder for Jonathan to blow them all out in one breath. LOVEYOU

JDawg surprise fete
Now that the surprise is out...HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jce37!! @bethaevans

Also, there was a Jonathan Jeopardy game and I SMOKED it!! I know so much about Jonathan!! Slash if I wasn't sure, I would just pick the weirdest answer and that was usually right.  Someone asked me if he and I were siblings, what with my stunning knowledge of his life and our bantering comments quickly followed up with a JKILOVEYOU.  We're technically not, but with the Cambridge Crew, we may as well be.  Good thing Beth is part of that crew and knows I'm not trying to steal her man away (or am I? JKILOVEYOUTOOBETH)

JDawg surprise fete
JDawg surprise fete

Thanks for being born, Jonathan :) I'm so happy we are friends :)


Morgan Reece said...

Cute blog! Just found ya through a friend!



Beth said...

This is my favorite, what with all the interactive links and pictures of my handsome dude! And, again, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!