03 January 2013

One-Month Resolution

I am not buying any new clothes for all of January 2013.
It's been difficult (yes it is only the 3rd), but I am offering up my shopping services to anyone who would like my help. That way I can browse with a purpose.
Thank you, Annabelle, Jourdan, and Leslie, for taking me up on my offer and letting me online shop and pin for you.

Let me know if I can help you! It's free!

Also, look at my pretty new jewellery and cardigan that I got as Christmas presents!!
Bracelets and Cardi

And a necklace I ordered last week (when it was still December!!!) came today...IN A GIANT BOX!!!! Overkillllll.
Bendel Necklace

The end.


Utah Girl Am I said...

Ambitious goal, but I believe in you! :)

Beth said...

Love the jewels. Let me know if you need help with the personal shopper endeavors. I need to divert my clothes lust.

Kati said...

I hate how things come in giant boxes, crazy! I wouldn't turn down some online pinning if you are still wanting more people!