07 January 2013

Strength In Weakness

As the day winds down and comes to a close, I find myself extremely humbled.  

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have a Father in Heaven who knows me perfectly.  

It seems to me that as humans, we have this beautiful desire to be known and to know others.  But it's hard! It involves vulnerability--so much vulnerability-- and patience and forgiveness and humility as we strive to share our essence with others, and as we try to make familiar what is foreign to us about others.  I am humbled to know that my Heavenly Father knows me!! All of me.  He can see through my imperfections and my vanities, through my facades and my shortcomings, and yet He loves me.

Today, I have felt His love manifest to me in a myriad of ways.  I have felt His love through a perfectly timed message from near strangers containing the scripture my soul needed to read.  And as I heeded the council of that passage, I was blessed even further by a lesson that an acquaintance shared tonight.  I feel His love through my friends, whose love for me outshines the hatred of mine enemies.  

The winter disposition that I felt so powerfully yesterday still lingers in the shadows today.  Indeed, at moments it has even been augmented as I struggle to understand myself.  But in spite of that, I am stronger.  If only for this day, for this moment, I feel stronger.  

And for that, I have my God, our God, to thank.  Love conquers all weakness.  


Utah Girl Am I said...

Love you, C! You are amaaazing! xoxoxo

Kati said...


Liz said...

Love. Thank you!