28 February 2013

Dream Report, Or The Queen Made Me Do It

If we're being 100% honest, I don't excercise a ton.  Unless, that is, you count "parking on the far side of the grocery store lot" and "taking the stairs whenever possible", which I do .  But I probably shouldn't count either of those things because A) I avoid the grocery store at all costs because I just hate driving on Georgia Ave, okay?? and B) I do take the elevator at work, but only because I get lost in the staircase every.single.time and I'm not sure how it happens, it just does and it's embarassing, okay?

Anyway, my dear roommate suggested getting up early to go running before work one day this week.  I knew that this was going to be very difficult for me (I'm a morning person, but only if I have something to get up for, and getting out from under my electric blanket to go run in the wet and cold is never a good enough reason for me).  To prepare, I laid out my running clothes and shoes the night before; I even wore some running socks and pants to bed so I would already be mostly dressed when I woke up!

As per usual, I was having some wild dreams. Just playing poker and gambling with the Queen of England, no big.  It was pretty intense, and I must say that the Queen totally owned that green visor.  When my alarm went off (you know, so I could go be fit), the Queen looked at me and said, "Oh, no, you don't have time to go running! The commute from Buckingham Palace to Georgetown is long enough as it is that you can't go rrruning [she trilled that word]!! Go back to bed for another hour, my dear!"

So that's exactly what I did.  You just don't mess with your future grandmother-in-law the Queen.

And yes, I totally beat her at poker.


Jourdan said...

you = best dreams.

smile like you mean it said...


Stephanie said...

Haha I love this!! It is a long way from the palace to g town but lucky for you! Apparently there is a secret place that the queen hangs out in when she's in town near the embassy. Which is right up the road from g town. Problem solved and you can still go running!