08 February 2013

February Friday

I've been very busy this week, and I'm pretty tired. My schedule did end up having a little more free-time than planned (as in I had any at all!), which is a blessing.  Remember my No-Clothes-Shopping January? I'm working on making this Free-Time February. Ask me how hard that is. Because it is!

Now for some unrelated stuff:

DC is prettyyy

Even the AIR today looks like these colors. It might be freezing outside, but it's also beautiful!

I like this chapter, especially verses 4-7 (I may have fallen asleep on the couch last night, but at least it was while reading scriptures...that's good and not bad, right?)

MY LITTLE SISTER IS THE BEST (and a total baaaaabe):



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Hailey Hobson said...

I love your blog. And you