22 February 2013

Some Friday Happiness

I've been in an amazing mood lately! No real reason, which is kind of the best reason, don't you think? Being happy to the core, just for the sake of being happy!


We had an amazing activity this week with the girls from church all about women's health.  I left feeling just so pumped and so energized- who knew that talking about periods would be such a mood booster?  Sunni, the presenter, started off issuing a challenge to us all: to compliment ourselves and one other person every day through the end of March. I adore this! It can be easy to compliment other people, but to conciously and verbily declare what you like about yourself isn't as intuitive to me (yet!)

Today, I like that I like to have flowers in the home!
(Trader Joe's has a great deal on tulips right now, by the way)

Source: rstyle.me via Camille on Pinterest

Today, I like everything about YOU!


Natalie said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I'm feeling much the same way right now, just happy for no real reason and I just want to share! And thank you so much for introducing me to A Blog About Love, it seriously has been helping me change the way I see the world. I love you lots!

Beth said...

These pictures are so pretty and make me happy. JUST LIKE YOU!!!