15 February 2013

Someone, Please, Let's Go On A Trip

I was clicking through some old photos online this morning, and based off the ones I was looking at, I'm craving the sea/ocean/lake/river/pool right now.

My parents called me from Holland earlier this week (they're in Turkey right now, and Paris next week).  Maybe my Dad will get a photo like this? Or they can try to recreate this magical shot. The only one that there's a real chance that they might also get a photo with is this one, but without Grace's skillz. (This is one of my faves)

BASICALLY I AM ITCHING TO TRAVEL!!! I haven't left the DC area since New Year's!!!! NEW YEAR'S!!!! Like, not even Media.  Someone please take me somewhere abroad. It'd be sooo cool of you!

In other news, yesterday, I wore glittery shoes and smiled when I saw a giant line of men buying flowers for their lovers :D

Got glitter on my toes! One more reason to LOVE today!
All of these guys (and loads more who didn't fit in the frame) are in line to buy flowers for their lovers



Beth said...

OH EM GEE. I have cabin fever, too. Is there something in the water? Or this crappy cold air? Either way get. me. outta. here. So... shall we?

Hailey Hobson said...

if I had monies... I'd go on a trip with you. Maybe when husband is done with school he can pay to send us away to some awesomely awesome foreign country.. I'll discuss it with him.