04 February 2013

This Is A Post About Food That I Ate This Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend! Lots of laughing with friends (two words: "Denim Onesie"), time with roommates (Heidi has a fabulous new haircut!) and tutus (babysitting is great!)

My weekend was also delicious!

My roommates and I had a blueberry pancakes breakfast on Saturday!! Are we sure that this isn't blueberry season? Because they were UNREAL!!!


Heidi and I brought brownies to a dinner with friends last night, and they turned out sinfully good, if I do say so myself!  Here's the recipe, but don't say I didn't warn you that they are sinful... Our friends also made sprinkled cupcakes!!


OK, so this was from last Tuesday AKA not this weekend, but man, Baked and Wired, always killing it! Yes, that is my cupcake on the left, and yes, it has bacon on top of it. Boom!


Technically not a food, but still delicious: three of us went out to run errands, and we were all in beautiful boots!

Roommates who wear boots together stay together! That's a saying right?

Monday is starting off great! Also, my dog has been at the Vet all weekend, but he's home today! Please feel better, Chessie!

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LeeLee said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I love nutella, it's the best.