11 February 2013

Weekend Update

There were a lot of fabulous things about my weekend.  I'm especially grateful for that this morning, because Sunday morning brought some very sad news for my family (hiiii, everyone who saw me crying at church!).  I'll write about that later, but for now, let's focus on all the marvelous aspects of my weekend:

The second best way to spend a Friday night:

Second best way to spend a Friday night

It's been raining a lot lately, apparently even on the Metro:

Just your normal rainy day on the Metro...

I got my piano tuned by Ryan on Saturday!!! And guess what! There was totally a gold dollar coin (and a nickle!) hiding inside! Boom!:


Korean Karaoke on Saturday night for Caitlin's (CM!!) birthday was a blast!:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAITLIN!!! You are a firework!
(thanks to Stephanie for that last photo)

Sunday, folks, wow! The boys gave us all flowers, handwritten Valentines, chocolates, and the gift of song!! Wowza!!! They're so nice to us!! 
[I reaaaallly wanna soapbox here, but I won't. At least not now.]

Today the boys gave us flowers, chocolates, and the gift of song. The Church is true!

Sunday afternoon (after church and before dinner), I got to see my dear friend Chris!! We explored Georgetown, the National Cathedral, and visited his cousin.  Chris was like another brother to me growing up, I absolutely loved seeing him!

National Cathedral

So much to be grateful for!

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Beth said...

Can we go to Evensong sometime soon pleeeease? Thanks!