01 March 2013

Friday Happiness

Happy Friday!! And BONUS Happy March!! I love me some February (really!!), but March brings the start of spriiing!!

I'm ending the week the way I started it, with a big ol' smile (yes, this photo was taken on a Monday! Gasp!). Again, no real reason. Well, there is the whole I-love-DC/my-friends-are-great/my-roommates-rule/winter's-end-is-in-sight/I-bought-a-new-hand-lotion-that's-working-wonders-so-far/Heidi-and-I-got-delicious-Greek-food-last-night thing.

(If you're going to take a selfie [ps, I hate that word], you may as well take a super-zoomed-in selfie)

I wore my new polka-dot shirt to work this week! I'm finally jumping on this polka-dot bandwagon. I know, I know, super late to the game, but I just love my stripes. I also wore these new pants that make my legs look a million miles long (ok, it's also some tricky camera work...I mean...)


(Loving the half-twist, self!! Mid dance move!)

I have no idea what the BananaBeat bus is, but I already know that I LOVE IT!


My parents brought me back some Turkish Delight from Turkey! How cute is that? I'm glad that I have neighborfriends to help me and my roommatefriends eat it!


And finally, I have not been able to stop thinking about these fish and chips I got at Tacklebox!!!! Savanna, we need to plan a night to go!

Hipster fish 'n' chips (sweet potato chips) @__nif__



Utah Girl Am I said...

I'm SO not a seafood person, but I actually DO enjoy Tacklebox's fried catfish... with lots of lime, please! :) And yay for polka-dots!

Camille said...

Wait, this is too funny! I was thinking while I was there that I'd never had catfish and wondered what it tasted like...I'm happy to hear positive reviews!!

Beth said...

This all looks awesome!

Beth said...

Hey Long Legs,
Love the photos. Huzzah for March/Spring/good food!