15 March 2013

How To Spend A Day In Lancaster

1. Have your friend Yandary empathize with your innate need to travel, and coordinate a trip to Amish Country.  (I did make it to Media in the interim, so mini-trip yay!)
1a. Trip should also be inspired in part by Danny and Mara

2. Visit the oldest market in America! Be sure to buy chocolates ("One dark-chocolate covered caramel with sea salt, please! Yes, just one. I know how much food this day is going to involve."), home made jam, produce, and more! Walk around in a continuous state of shock at the a-maze-ing prices, and keep muttering, "We are sooo not in D.C. anymore."  Calculate if the cost of gas/time is worth the cheaper/fresher food if you were to come shop weekly.


3. EAT THE BEST PRETZELS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!  April "accidentially" refered to her pretzel and herself as a "We", so that should be an indicator of the level of commitment one develops with these pretzels.

Lancaster Pretzels with April

4. Because you can't go to Lancaster (or grow up in PA) and eat just one pretzel, go get yourself a factory tour!!

Intercourse Pretzels Andrea Yandary and Brynn from April
They've heard all the jokes. #amishgram

5. Oh, what's that? The pretzel factory should be attached to a super cool thrift shop?? A BODACIOUS thrift shop?? Check PLUS!

Dolly Bodacious from AprilLancaster

6. Walk down the street like ya own tha place, suckas!

Lancaster Street from April
April and Brynn a walking down the street

7. Go to a kitchy (yet fun) "market" (mall) and eat all of the free samples of salsa and jam!!

8. After you've rolled yourself out of step 7, drive to one of the covered bridges that the area is known for.  Admire the idyllic landscape, the gorgeous homes, the fact that people are kayaking on the river (and that they totally love your sweet dance moves), and soak up the Magic Hour.  And form a few girl bands.

Covered Bridge
April laughing

9. Arrive early to your dinner with an Amish family***, and use that time to take pictures in the field.  This is where most of your outtakes will come from, and will make a great follow-up post.  Seriously, they will be so funny that even people who didn't go on the trip will care about them when you post them (soon!). Be forewarned that you may almost get run over by a car and/or sawed in half by the sun roof.

Lititz 2

10. Eat a delicious home cooked meal in the best of company. Commence the drive home heavier and happier :)

Covered Bridge Crew

***Going to Amish Country and would like to eat with an Amish family? Contact me and I'll get you in touch! cmoff519{at}yahoo{dot}com

/All pictures taken by April except for iPhone photos, which are mine/

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