15 April 2013

Art School Kickball

Annie and I hung out on Friday night (Hiii, Annie!!!), and it was awesome.  Her friend Ferry is getting an MA at the Corcoran right now, and I guess they started up a kickball league.  Annie and I went to support her (because we are the best like that) and guys, everything you are imagining an interdepartmental art school kickball game on the Ellipse to be? It is all of that and more! Sassy shirts, fierce haircuts that I could never pull off but am more than secretly glad that other people can, and a less-than-superior level of athletic ability (AKA my level).  As Ferry said, "We had to review the rules. Of kickball. Because we didn't know."
Sadly, I didn't take any photos of the game (low battery), so here's a picture of my feet I took while hanging out at the Washington.
Night with Annie

After the game, we followed Ferry back to the Corcoran so she could change before we all grabbed dinner.  Annie can testify how much I was nerding out to be behind the scenes and "OMG WHAT'S THAT? A POSTER FOR GLITTER PORTRAITS?!?! I NEEEEED ONE!!"
Night with Annie
Night with Annie

While we were all munching down on our dinners, I noticed that THE WHITE HOUSE liked one of my Instagrams!! I was freaking out to everyone, but then upon further inspection realised that it was just a White House fan page.  All they do is 'gram photos from the WH blog.  So that was a bit of a let down.  But that's ok,  because the whole night was hysterical and happyyyy!
Night with Annie

The end.


Leslie said...

love you shoes! and love that the white house loves your photo!

Andrea Weinberg said...

Hiiiii Camille!! :-) Hahaha uh oh the pressure's on now that you know I'm your #1 fan... now you have to awkwardly pretend to like hanging out with me... haha jk (hopefully) <3
- Annie

Camille said...

Thanks Leslie!! Can't wait for our Nemours trip!!
Annie, giiiirl you know I always love hanging witchu!! Again soon, yes?

Andrea Weinberg said...

Yes, please!!