25 April 2013


Biggest, realest (to-the-eyes-est) smile I've seen on myself in a long time.  Which isn't to say that I've been unhappy (because that's not the case).  Rather, it's to say that this ballet class made me even happier!  Thank you, Barbra!




Kel said...

darls! thanks again for organizing :)

Jannifer said...

Camille, you are taking a ballet class?! Love it! And I'm slightly jealous, looks fun.

Camille said...

Hey Jannifer! It was a Relief Society ballet night (AKA Enrichment, but they don't like it when I call it that haha), and it was SO FUN!!! My friend in the ward taught, and she was amazing!!! You'll have to fly out next time :)

Thanks, Kelli! My pleasure :)