02 April 2013

Beth's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Beth!!

Today is her actual birthday, but we celebrated on Friday!  Basically it was lots of cakes, hummus, and the most painfully adorable baby in the world.

Beth's bday
You could say that @bethaevans was excited about her cake. Does this remind anyone else of a Joseph Wright of Derby? #AHCReferences
Beth's bday
Beth's bday
Beth's bdayBeth's bday

I love you, Beth!! You make me so happy.  You are a fabulous friend, a wonderful wife, and an amazing academic! xoxoxoxoxo

Now, stop reading this blog and go write a paper.


Beth said...

This just made my day! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!!
And as a matter of fact, I DO have a paper to write. How ever did you know?

Jen said...

aww, Happy Birthday Beth! Wish we could have been there for your shin-dig. :) Miss you guys lots.