17 April 2013

Japanese Festival

After the White House Spring Garden tour, Liz and I went to the Japanese Festival a few blocks over in Penn Quarter.  Let's be real here: the booths were interesting and all that yeahyeahyeah, but the real source of entertainment for me was the costumes people were wearing and the J-Pop stage!

We got lots of free stuff: water from Wyoming and cherry blossom gelato (I wasn't kidding about everything being cherry blossom flavoured this time of year)
White House flowers

Sword stuff
White House flowers

A tree where you write your wishes!  I loved this.  It was so interesting to read other people's wishes.  Very PostSecret
White House flowers

Also, my part is still burned from that day.

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Liz said...

Yeah, I got sunburned too! I didn't know it was happening!