17 May 2013

Good Things

Happy Friday! Here are some good things of late:

- Tuesday night chats with a friend

- So many good snapchats from siblings and friends (seriously, that Zorse one!!!)
Good things

Good things

-Dining al fresco with roommates, enjoying delicious tacos and this killer view from our back porch

- This cute little house across from my friends' place (friends who are generously lending me some stringed lights!)
Good things

-Rocks instead of doorbells

-Getting to see my mama this morning!

-Sparkly wrapping paper!! 
-One of my favourite views in Georgetown
C&O Gtown

Looking forward to a good weekend!


Utah Girl Am I said...

What does it SAY about me that when I saw "that view in Georgetown" I think of... Baked and Wired? Ha! :)

Camille said...

It says that you are awesome and that is why we are friends!!