20 May 2013

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

I had the most fabulous birthday yesterday! I need to go through and edit photos before I blog them (because maybe the party was really dark? It was all for the sake of ambiance!).  When I last went home, I celebrated with my parents!

My Dad made me a birthday cake, all by himself!! Here's the recipe, from scratch:

1. Go to a grocery store
2. Disapprove of their bakery options
3. See angel food cake. [Inspiration will strike] Put the cake in the cart.
4. Make a U-turn back to the produce section. Find a carton of strawberries that meets your standards.
5. Traverse alllll the way to the other side of the store for Reddi-Wip. Add that to the cart, as well.
6. Purchase [do not steal] the angel food cake, strawberries, and Reddi-Wip.
7. Drive home.  If you're really Bad-A, you'll pull into the garage in reverse.
8. Open up the angel food cake. Slice it. Put it on plates. **Helpful hint: Make this step easier by having the plates out and ready to go before slicing the cake.**
9. Cut off the greens on the strawberries.  Slice the strawberries. Make it rain all over those plated cake pieces.
10. Artistically spray the Reddi-Whip on top of the berries and cake.
11. Enjoy!!!!

Acme bday
Acme bday
Acme bday

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Kristy Moffat said...

Who has got the best Daddy? That's right...you do!