14 May 2013


Ugh, guys, I lost my Anthro coupon and I cleaned my room last night and still couldn't find it.  This is just the worst.*  And I came across this photo that I took last month right outside of Anthropologie and looking at it is cutting the wound even deeper.

*kidding. kind of.


Jen said...

lame. :(

Lindsay Garlock said...

was it a birthday one? they can look it up in their system i think.. under your phone number. im pretty sure!!

also - i went to zara today and tried your dress on.. there was only a small and im definitely a medium so that was a bust - then the zipper was already coming unsewn from the dress and there was a big make up stain on the dress.. i know i could always order a medium online... but i was so bummed out by the experience that i scrapped the idea. you get to continue on as the lone dress rockin goddess!

Camille said...

It was the birthday one! That's so good to hear that they can look it up--I'm going to get one of their sparkly headbands for a Gatsby party on Sunday!

Ugh, so sad about the makeup/tearing/wrong size dress. I know you would have nailed it!! If you are able to get your hands on it in your size, get it/post pictures :)