08 May 2013

Paper Flowers With The House That Lars Built

Brittany is kind of a legend here in D.C.  I'd heard her name thrown around (thrown sounds too aggressive...how about bounced? Floated?) before, and it was always followed up with glowing praises.  Which isn't surprising if any of you internet people read her blog, The House That Lars Built.  I mean, you can tell right away how cool she is! Fabulous style? Check! Talented? Check! Creative? Check! Needless to say, I was ecstatic when she agreed to come teach us a flower making workshop last night!  Especially because now she's also a TV celebrity (does that make me one step closer to all my TV crushes? Jim Halpert, here I come!)

And then when Brittany came and helped set up, we were just chatting away and found out that we have so much in common! BYU Art History grads who love Europe and DC and Provo's food scene...it's like we're the same person!!  Which is great because it bodes well for me finding a European lover.  

Caitlin took all the photos, so this is the only good one I have for now.  Is it of the flowers? Nope. Is it of awesome faces and poses and booty pops? Mos' def!
The House That Lars Built

Thanks so much for coming, Brittany!!


Kel said...

so glad you made this happen! we love B.

Camille said...

Definitely a team effort! It was so lovely to meet her...the whole night was a blast! I'm happy you were able to make it!

Utah Girl Am I said...

So bummed I couldn't make it! I blame the governor.