09 May 2013

Quick, Someone Find Me Some Kittens, Kettles, Mittens, And Brown Paper Packages

And they had better have whiskers, be of bright copper, be warm and woolen, and you know I don't want those packages unless they are tied up in strings.

BECAUSE last night I found me some raindrops, and you had better believe they were on roses!!!

Unrelated, but only because it isn't a line from that song, but related in that sense that this is where I was right before I saw those roses and raindrops...I ate here last night and it was amaaaazing.

And even more unrelated, unless you count that I had to walk to dinner (the dinner that came before those bedropped roses), and while walking I saw this site (or sight, either one works here), here are some (un)random photos:

Yup. Life's goooood!


Jen said...

lovely photos. I love spring as the leaves appear back on the trees--everything is bright green and lovely.

Utah Girl Am I said...

Wish we'da known you were in Dupont! Steph and I had an impromptu Shake Shack dinner last night!

Brewed Together said...

Love these photos! And totally ready to watch the Sound of Music now! :) Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com