02 June 2013

Aimer Et Connaitre

I've been pretty busy the past few days and haven't updated as much here as I would like.  While I'm waiting for photos to download/upload, I wanted to quickly post a brief note about today's Relief Society lesson.

It involved French, related to my visit to Nemours, and was taught by my friend Maggie; it was wonderful.

Aimer et connaître
(photo from Jordan Langdon)

I really believe that the principles of knowing and loving are perfectly intertwined.  That perfect Love casteth out all fear, and that we can gain perfect Love in part through prayer.

Charity and Love are my favorite things about the Gospel.


Haylee said...

K wait a minute, you WROTE that? Like on a chalkboard? by hand? with a piece of chalk that's always so awkward to hold? Wow I'm seriously impressed, your handwriting is gorgeous!! Please tell me that took you like 3 hours to finish, just so I can feel a little better about myself.

On a more serious note, I really loved that video. Oh President Monson, how I love that man. He always has the best yet most simple advice.

Camille said...

Haylee, I wish I could take credit for the writing!! It's my friend Maggie's beautiful calligraphy, and I'm pretty sure she just did it before 3rd hour. PEOPLE, amIright? People are SO COOL!

President Monson is, among many things, an angel and over and over the answer to a prayer.