07 June 2013

Birthday Dancin'

[I wrote this post a month ago, but then waited until Heidi moved to post it ;)]

...not to be confused with Mr. Danson, my 11th grade AP US History teacher. (Are any other PHS kids now picturing Mr. Danson in a birthday hat dancin' around APUS?)

But shhhh, don't tell Heidi I posted this.  I think I may have agreed to not share it publicly? Whooops. 
This is my punishment to her for moving ;) LOVEYOUHEIDI

                                             Birthday Dancin' from Camille on Vimeo.


Kristy Moffat said...

The best use of a birthday card yet! Love this!!!!

Eve said...

Bahahaa! Love this dance! I miss Heidi so much!