04 June 2013

Don't Wear Red On The Red Carpet

Soooo maybe I forgot that the carpet at the Kennedy Center is red, and I wore a red dress to the Symphony with Annie.

Symphony with Annie

Guys, the music was INCREDIBLE!!!! What's a non-cliche way of saying that I love the Symphony more than I love museums (What!!! Bold statement!!), and that classical music moves me and speaks to me on a deeper level.  Because it's true.

Symphony with Annie
Symphony with Annie
Symphony with Annie
Symphony with Annie

Thanks for inviting me, Annie!! Now get on Instagram!!


Beth said...

Beautiful! You belong on the red carpet. You are ONE with the Kennedy Center.

Rebecca said...

I have a Blog Giveaway if you are interested :)


Andrea Weinberg said...

Oh yayy I forgot that I might make an appearance on the blog! Still reading constantly...

<3 Annie