12 June 2013

PKP Dinner

The DC PKP Crew got together for dinner last night, and as ever, it was just the best.  Natalie and Jason were in town for the evening (DC was a pit stop on their move from Boston to Charleston), and Saj is here for the summer doing an internship (she's also the reason I dreamed about Coke Zero last night). 

Our jokes don't make sense to anyone. PKP2010

Guys, these friends of mine, they are just my favourite.  Even if they did kill me in the first round of Mafia (this time, I wasn't a martyr)
[Seriously, PKP-ers, click that Mafia link. MEMORIES]


Beth said...

Well this was fun. Again? Soon?

Camille said...

Always? Yes? Have you read Erin's comments on my Insta?