15 July 2013

Bastille Day!

Yesterday was Bastille Day! It's always been a major day for celebration in my family since 1) we are francophiles and 2) it's the anniversary of the day that my parents met! This year was the 30th anniversary of my parents' meet cute!

Brynn and I organised a fete to celebrate, and it was a major success, which is due entirely to her! I mean, she made a tower of cream puffs! And she made a lot of crepes! And she got Andy Warhol Perrier! And she bought a bocce ball set! Making me look bad, Brynn, with my store bought confections (did you know that white chocolate peanut butter is a thing?) ;)

And get this.  Photos aren't saving to my camera roll for whatever reason, so I took all these photos in my Days app, but none of them saved to my phone.  Which means I need to refer you to the tweet of my post on Days, because, guys, really, you need to see this tower of cream puffs!


Kel said...

impressive! fact: we just know how to celebrate in style out here.

Me said...

I'm behind on my blogs (curse you google reader for shutting down!), but thank you for such a fun party, it was amazing!