01 July 2013

Blog Design Help!

Guys, I am so sick of how my blog looks that I could vomit. If you want to teach me how to make it better or are talented at this sort of stuff and are looking to build your portfolio and want to work on my blog, PLEASE SAVE ME.  

I've also felt like my voice has really disappeared on here over the past many, many moons.  I think I've been too worried about how my sense of humor carries over to the written form/want to seem like a super polite princess (Read: like I'm Kate Middleton).  But I just gotta embrace that hopefully people will realise I'm funny, and that it's ok that the only thing Reigning Perfection and I have in common is the fact that I just spelled realise with an "s".


Eric Harker said...

If you want to go from basic to chic, you might have to leave Blogger for Wordpress. I've searched a bunch of Blogger templates and it's a basic fest (I mean, Picasso had to the First Communion before Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, right?) Maybe go for something like these:


Eric Harker said...

Oh, and I can help, too. I'm not just throwing shade at your current blog and leaving.

Camille said...

Eric, you are someone I'd trust to help me out. I'll be in touch (but maybe not for a few days, I'm swamped)

Melanie said...

I feel the same way about my blog. I've found a couple of basic HTML classes that I want to take a look at to see if I can learn to do it myself.

This one is free, but not focused specifically on blogs: http://learncss.tutsplus.com/

This one is focused on blogs but costs $ (not much): http://shopredvelvet.com/collections/e-course/products/blog-design-love-e-course